Fun Facts about Air Mattresses

Air mattresses have evolved over time and have come to encompass a much more comfortable place to lay on while costing you a fraction of the price of an actual mattress. Gone are the days when you had to literally air in to them until you were exhausted and still the mattress was nowhere near being full. The best air mattress is one that is versatile in its use; from being whipped out for sleepovers to serious camping trips, air mattress reviews will tell you all about the glories of owning one. In addition, they also take up little space and hence are easy to store when not in use.

  • Three Categories of Use

three-categories-of-useThe general uses of air mattress can be divided in to three large categories. The first that comes to mind is when embarking on a camping trip. With the coming of summer, all anyone wants to do is pack their car and head out to be close to nature. This is where then air mattresses come handy as they are easy to transport because of their compactness, they are now also easily inflatable and hence can be taken along with you to get a good night’s rest.

Secondly, air mattresses are often used for guests coming to stay the night, or children’s sleepovers. These are a useful option as they can be relatively quite cheap compared to actual mattresses, and once the guests leave you can easily deflate them, fold them up and put them in storage. Lately, air mattresses are also replacing mattresses for permanent beds and the concept of air beds in general is also taking over beds themselves. Designed with the utmost comfort in mind, air beds have replaced beds in some homes for good.

  • Two Heights

The original air mattress was just a flat rectangle which you could blow up and use as and when you needed. This mattress was short in height and was used flat on the ground with no real requirement for an ideal height and such. However, with the passing of time, the design and usability of the air mattress has changed immensely to incorporate uses that perhaps even the initial creator had no inkling of. With these added uses of the air mattress, it was inevitable perhaps that the air mattress would be re-designed to take into account the users’ requirements.

Therefore, air mattresses are increasingly coming in designs that are raised in height. Though the original low height mattress is still available on the market for camping and such outdoor excursions, but raised height mattresses are preferred by home owners who have guests coming to stay. The raised mattress has a bed like design, which gives the impression of actually having a bed set up, especially if you cover it with a mattress pad and proper bedding. It then not only provides your guest a place to sleep on, but also adds to the décor of your home.

  • Innovative Methods of Inflating & Deflating

Innovative Methods of Inflating & DeflatingThe initial mattress used to have to be inflated with the help of a hand pump, which did more to exhaust you and less to inflate the mattress it self. However, newer versions of the mattress come with an electric pump of its own, which makes the task of filling up the mattress with air and inflating it into shape much more convenient for you. After you are done using the mattress and wish to put it away, the same gadget then is attached and performs the task on deflating the mattress as well.

  • Adjustable

There are now studies and actual proofs that attest to the benefits of an air mattress as opposed to a regular box spring one for your back, particularly for people who have terrible lower back pains. New models of air mattresses modeled after beds can be easily installed in your room instead of your old bed, and they provide you with much more comfort. These mattresses come with a remote control which enables you to adjust the mattress in to a position that gives you the most comfort so that you may get a good night’s sleep.

  • Durable Quality

As with water beds, people are often critical of the air mattress and believe that it would easily pop under the pressure and constant moving a body until it falls asleep. However, despite these concerns this statement is nothing but a myth and needs to be put to rest. Air mattresses are made from materials which are thick and durable. This makes them quite difficult not just to pop, but also to cut in to or sag under the weight of the person sleeping on it. Hence, when you go to buy an air mattress, rest assured that it will last you a good while.

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