Choosing a Trail Camera for Early Season

Nowadays, finding a good hunting camera is often as easy as finding good hunting camera reviews. Which, considering how important a hunting camera is, isn’t a bad thing at all! But there are a lot of cameras to look through, and even more reviews out there indicating which ones are worth buying. While our suggestions here won’t exactly help with this oversaturation of information, you may still find this information of some use to you if you’re looking for some of the best trail cameras out on the market today. Here, then, are a few of the best cameras available today, and what we think of them:


The Blade X6 Cuts True

Wildgame Innovations is known for producing quality cameras at a budget price, and the Blade X6 is no exception. An attractive choice for anyone looking for a trail camera under the $100 mark, the Blade X6 sports a long battery life on 8 AA batteries, a weather-resistant casing that blends in well with nature, and a formidable 50-foot detection range. The high-powered LED flash makes taking clear pictures easy in any visibility. Some of the noted issues with the camera include a few reported instances of the delay being quite long and the default detection settings running down the battery quickly, but the majority of users seem to have had no significant issues with this camera. It’s certainly not as fully-featured as other, more expensive cameras, but it’s a solid choice for something that’s regularly under the $90 price range.

The Innovative Moultrie M-880i

Someone with a little more cash to spend may find investing in a Moultrie M-880i. Like Wildgame Innovations, Moultrie is known for their solidly-performing, yet inexpensive trail cameras, and the M-880i fits this description to a T. The camera has an attractive 8-megapixel camera that’ll capture most of the important details, and a weather-resistant frame that stands up to the elements better than most other cameras in its price range. The detection range is still comparable to the Blade X6’s, but the trigger speed is a noted improvement over the previous camera. Most reviewers seem to also agree that the camera is very easy to set up and use, making it an ideal choice for beginner hunters and those not yet adjusted to using a trail camera. For the price, the M-880i is hard to beat.

Strike Force Strikes Hard

Those who are a little more serious about their hunting, however, may find the Browning Strike Force camera to be what their looking for. With an MSRP of about $140.00, it’s one of the pricier options out there, but most hunting camera reviews seem to agree that the camera is worth every penny. Of the three cameras featured here, it has the fastest trigger time of them all. Additionally, it sports an impressive 100-foot flash range, making it easy to use during times of low visibility.  In addition, it gets about as much battery power out of 6 AAs as others do from 8 or more, making the battery efficiency on this model a substantial selling point. The detection range goes a bit further than the 50-foot range of other cameras, and the 10-megapixel camera makes for much more detailed pictures as well. And while the camera itself is very good, the customer support Browning gives is also legendary in an of itself, as attested by many reviews. Most customers who have had their camera malfunction, either from extreme weather conditions or manufacturer defects, seem to have had their camera replaced at no charge and with little hassle. It is really no wonder why the Browning name is so well regarded among hunting enthusiasts, and those who have the money to spend on hunting cameras will no doubt find the Strike Force to be a worthy investment.

There, then, are three of the best hunting cameras out there on the market right now, as attested by hunting camera reviews. The Wildgame Innovations Blade X6 stands as a good budget-priced camera with solid performance and functional extras. The Moultrie M-880i is a good entry-level camera that runs a little more expensive than the Blade X6, but is comparable in quality and durability. But standing head and shoulders above these is the Browning Strike Force, with its high-definition camera, efficient battery life, and excellent customer support. Going with any of these three cameras is sure to be worth any hunter’s time and money.

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